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How to Leg press 

Legs press exercises



Simulator for the leg press can be found in almost every sports club, as leg press is an excellent exercise aimed at the development of the leg muscles. It can be used both in the period of the set of muscle mass, and during drying to give relief and definition to the muscles. In addition, it is able to improve the intensity of training at times and for this reason it is successfully applied both in fitness and bodybuilding, and in functional training.

Depending on the setting of the feet on the platform and the amplitude of motion, with the leg press in the simulator, you can work out different muscle groups:

  • Quadriceps;
  • Inner and back surfaces of the thigh;
  • Gluteal muscles.

Of course, leg press lying in the simulator completely can not replace you with heavy squats with a bar, but still it creates a very serious stress for your muscles. Provided qualitative recovery, proper rest, periodization of loads and proper nutrition, this will lead to muscle hypertrophy and an increase in strength in the basic exercises.

leg press


What muscles work?
With this exercise, you can locally load any muscle group of the lower body.

  • The narrowly we put our feet, the more the quadriceps work.
  • Another variant of the leg press is suitable for girls: put your feet wide with the press with your legs, unfold your feet outwards, and most of the load will go to the inner surface of the thigh and buttocks.
  • There is also a version of the leg press for the buttocks: we put our feet on the very top of the platform, the legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, the feet are slightly deployed to the sides. Such an exercise will perfectly load the buttocks and hamstrings, in such an amplitude it is easy to “catch” the stretching and contraction of the muscles we are interested in, and the sensation movement itself will represent some combination of Romanian traction and leg bending sitting in the simulator.
  • In addition to the classic bench press leg at an angle, there is also a vertical leg press. With a vertical bench leg press, the platform is strictly perpendicular to the athlete’s position. The motion is carried out in a sufficiently short amplitude. This allows you to isolate the lower part of the quadriceps in isolation, which will make the leg more bulky in the lower part of the thigh, closer to the knee. However, nothing prevents you from doing practically the same thing in a regular Smith simulator, for normal execution you need only the help of an experienced partner who will open and close the safety mechanisms.
  • There is also a horizontal bench leg press. Working in this simulator, you increase the amplitude of motion by several centimeters. In this and the peculiarity of this simulator: you perform a huge amount of work without using a huge weight. Also this version of the exercise perfectly studies the lateral head of the quadriceps, making the hip visually larger and muscular.

Benefit and harm exercise

How to Leg press 
How to Leg press


Foot press in the simulator – the second after the classic sit-ups with a barbell exercise for building strong and massive legs. With his help, you can perfectly develop the musculature of the legs, without creating excessive axial load on the cervical and thoracic spine.

Leg press options

There are three types of simulators for this exercise:

1 at an angle;
2 vertically;
3 horizontal.

Variations of loads

The load when performing the bench press with the feet can be varied by different ways of setting the legs.

  • We put the feet in parallel and narrow-footed legs turns into an isolated exercise for the quadriceps, the resulting muscles of the thigh and the buttocks stop participating in the movement.
  • If we put our feet on the very bottom of the platform, then we will increase the amplitude of the movement, and the quadriceps will perform even more work.
  • If you turn your feet out at 45 degrees and put your feet wide, pressing your feet will load the inner thigh, the hamstrings and the gluteus muscles.
  • With the leg press for the buttocks, the legs should be placed at the very top of the platform. The blood flow and burning sensation is guaranteed.


Use different options and do not forget about the principles of the periodization of the load. Then you will get proportionally developed and aesthetic muscles of the legs.

different set up feet in press leg simulator

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