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Build Chest

build pecs


Every training man wants to have a developed chest. Developed pectoral muscles are a kind of business card, which immediately states that a person leads an active lifestyle. Everything else, training on the pectoral muscles is included in the “holy trinity” and the mandatory five basic exercises.

Anyone who trains in the gym knows firsthand how popular the bench press. There is almost always a queue next to the bench. It always has been, it always will be.

Are there any features or tricks in breast training? Now we find out.

  • Features of training chest muscles
  • The structure of the pectoral muscles

The pectoralis major muscle consists of three parts: the major part, the small part and the dentate.

As you can see, the essence of training is the movement of the arms back and forth, the movement of the shoulder blades. A great example is push-ups from the floor with a wide grip.

Pectoral Muscle Exercise


The most wonderful exercise for the chest is bench press. At the same time, not only horizontal, but also vertical, with an inclination up and with an inclination down. It is important to pay attention to all parts of the chest, not just the “visible” one.

  • For pumping the small chest, there are such exercises: Bench press on a downward inclined bench, bench press of dumbbells from the chest on a downward inclined bench, push-ups on the uneven bars with an inclination forward. There is also a wonderful isolating exercise – “Fly dumbbells to the side on an incline bench with your head down.”
  • To pump the “upper”, the most visible, you need to use all the same exercises, but with an inclined bench. Thus, the load will transfer to the anterior pectoral muscle.
  • Also, do not forget about the ordinary bench press in a lying position on a horizontal bench, in pursuit of a beautiful and strong chest, it is necessary to perform this exercise, it gives a load immediately to the front and rear muscles chest.

Another very useful chest simulator is a crossover. With it, you can pump up beautiful dentate teeth that emphasize the muscles of the press and the entire body as a whole, as well as strengthen the chest.

The important point and conclusion


The most important thing is not to break the technique and not to take too much weight, this can lead to serious injuries, such as dislocation of the shoulder, rupture of the pectoral muscle. You must never break the technique, this is the main thing. It is necessary to lower the bar right under the chest, in the region of the solar plexus. There is a common mistake among beginners: they lower the bar too high, too close to the throat, because of this, the load falls on the shoulders, which can lead to serious injury. It is necessary to ensure that the elbows do not diverge and are on the same plane, form an angle of 90 degrees.

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