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How to V SQUAT MACHINE | Videos & Guides

V SQUAT MACHINE What muscles are involved V SQUAT MACHINE As in most types of squats, the quadriceps (quadriceps femoris), the hamstrings, the adductors / abductors, and...

How to LYING LEG CURL | Videos & Guides

LYING LEG CURL So, when Exercuting LYING LEG CURL the main working muscles are: Hamstring - hamstring muscles; Synergists - gastrocnemius, thin, popliteal; Antagonists-stabilizers -...

How to Cable Pull Throughs | Videos & Guides

How to Right Executing Exercise Cable Pull Throughs How to do the exercise Cable Pull Throughs Attach the rope handle to the bottom block. Stand with...

Exercises for Slim Legs | Training Exercises

Exercises for slim legs Consider several exercises for girls, for slim legs Repeat this set of exercises for shapely legs, so you can dress and walk...


dumbell shoulder shrus

dumbell shoulder shrug

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correct doing push-ups

correct doing push-ups