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So, when Exercuting LYING LEG CURL the main working muscles are:

  • Hamstring – hamstring muscles;
  • Synergists – gastrocnemius, thin, popliteal;
  • Antagonists-stabilizers – anterior tibial, straight muscle of the thigh.



Technique of execution LYING LEG CURL 

Leg bending is perhaps one of the easiest and most accessible machine exercises. However, despite all its simplicity, there are often errors and clumsiness in its implementation. To avoid this, let’s look at the step-by-step implementation technique.

Technique of execution LYING LEG CURL 
Technique of execution LYING LEG CURL

Step # 1.

Approach the bending machine and adjust the position of the lower roller in accordance with its height (length of the lower limbs). Lie down face down, place your legs under the rollers, approximately at the level of the back surface of the ankles, and arrange them parallel to each other. Make sure that your knees are hanging from the bench, and the fracture of the bench is exactly on the waist. Pull your pelvis tightly against the bench, grabbing the handrails with your hands, and pointing to the floor. Statically strain the press and buttocks. This is your starting position.


Step # 2.

Inhale, hold your breath and, without lifting your front hips from the bench, pull the rollers to the buttocks powerfully. Exhale when you pass the most complex point of the amplitude. Hold for 1-2 accounts in the top position, holding the peak contraction. Slowly and under control on inspiration, lower your legs down to the starting position. Repeat the specified number of times.

Do at least 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps

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