Jeff Seid Natural Aesthetics & Photo Before & After

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Jeff Seid – Handsome with the Figure of the Ancient Greek God

Today we publish photos, Jeff Seid, how this guy changed, and his photos in childhood and now.

Jeff Seid & Before and After
Jeff Seid & Before and After


Now the guy is 22 years old and his changes are impressive, being small he did not submit any genetic predispositions for bodybuilding, but starting to practice and training regularly Jeff Seid achieved impressive results that we can see in the photo.

Defiant and talented athlete Jeff Seid is a prominent representative of the younger generation of bodybuilders. In his years, he managed to build up impressive volumes, enter the top 20 at Olympia, gain recognition from Internet users, and launch a clothing line. An active guy manages to travel around the world with seminars, announce collections, and post posts. In 2016 he visited Russia, spoke to fans, and presented the Team Seid brand at the SN PRO exhibition.

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Brief Biography of Seid

Jeff Seid was born on 06/12/1994 in Renton, Washington. At the age of 5, he began to take an interest in sports. Dad gave the boy to the athletics section and football. By adolescence, he managed to familiarize himself with the biographies of weightlifting champions and their training. The desire to please the girls prompted him to hand up a dumbbell. I received a set of sports equipment as a gift from my parents for my 12th birthday.

An innocent hobby soon grew into a serious hobby and took up all his free time. However, Jeff persistently dreamed of a football career. He was driven by ambition and the desire to “leave behind a long memory.” The guy trained actively and played in the city football team. For this, he received a scholarship that allowed him to pay for college studies. Everything went well until Jeff tore his cruciate ligament in his last year of study. After rehabilitation, 2 months later, the story repeated itself. This forced him to finally change the type of sports activity.

Jeff Seid, Before & After | Age 13 to Age 22
Jeff Seid guy is 22 years old and his changes are impressive


Success in Men’s Physique

Jeff Seid accidentally took part in beach bodybuilding competitions. On, the guy drew attention to the new category “Men’s Physique”. This is where 6 years of experience with iron came in handy.

At his debut competition’s he won one’s place. A year later, he received professional status and became the youngest member of the IFBB federation. 2012-13 became key in a sports career. Jeff Seid often competed and did not rank below 2nd place.

In 2014 The competition at Olympia was unsuccessful, it was not possible to rise above the 11th position.

Seid took a break and began to be photographed for Iron Man and Men’s Fitness. Wrote a book with a step-by-step guide for bodybuilders, did business.

In 2016, he took the competition in Stockholm Pro with renewed vigor and won, beating Anton Antipov and Denis Gusev. Jeff Seid continues to train hard in 2017-20 and is preparing to conquer Olympia.

Jeff’s Physical and Anthropometric Data

Jeff's Physical and Anthropometric Data
Jeff’s Physical and Anthropometric Data


  • With a height of 182 cm, the weight is 92 kg;
  • Bicep diameter – 45 cm;
  • Waist – 75;
  • Torso – 128;
  • Ankles – 43;
  • Forearms – almost 40.

Power parameters

  • Bench Press – 159 kg lying;
  • Squats from 196 kg;
  • Performs an army press from 115 kg;
  • In deadlift lifts 232 kg.

The Food Jeff Seid Recommends

Based on his own bad experiences, Jeff recommends making menus based on body constitution and experimenting with diet options. Although his diet contains a lot of sports nutrition, the main mission in building strong muscles is assigned to nutrition.

” My favorite supplement is a gainer. I can’t eat all the time in order to gain the required 5000 calories, so I choose a sports diet with a minimum of sugar. I make sure that the composition contains complex carbohydrates, proteins that promote mass gain.”

Jeff doesn’t take pre-workout supplements and advises “spending money on good food” instead. Doping is recommended to be taken in case of an acute lack of energy.

Athlete Menu:

  1. Steamed Banana Oatmeal + Proteins + Animal Pak.
  2. Gainer + milk + a spoonful of flaxseed oil.
  3. Poultry or fish + brown rice.
  4. Before work: Nutrex Hemorage Black.
  5. During Work – Optimum Nutrition BCAA.
  6. After Work – a portion of gainer + banana + creatine + vitamin C.
  7. A protein dish garnished with complex carbohydrates.
  8. Casein Protein – before bed.

Jeff Seid and his Hardcore Training Program

Jeff Seid Workout
Jeff Seid Workout


“I constantly change my training programs to make my muscles grow. The athlete intuitively senses when the muscles are getting used, and radically changes the scheme. I only pump the abs for 15 minutes without stopping, choosing exercises according to my mood. “

The weekly plan is based on local training and supersets.

Approximate Seid Workout Plan

1. Monday – Calf and upper body

2. Tuesday – leg workout

3. Wednesday Hand Training

4. Thursday – Back workout

5. Friday – He’s Train Shoulders

– The sixth day – repeat the program on the first day.

– He Rests on Sunday, then repeats the program in a circle.

Jeff Seid Information Site

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