What is A Superset? How To Do A Superset Exercises

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How To Do A Superset Exercises

A superset exercises is when one approach consists of two or more approaches of different exercises. In other words, if you do one approach of one exercise, and then, immediately without rest, one approach of another exercise is a superset.

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Why make supersets?

1.  Firstly the intensity of the training increases. That is for the same amount of time you perform more approaches. The greater the intensity the more fat is burned. Whatever option of super sets you choose such a training will always be more fat-burning than training with separate exercises.

It is due to an increase in training intensity. Most often supersets from two exercises are used. Sometimes more. Remember that the more exercises you want to “add” to one superset, the more strength you must have. Superset of three or more exercises – only for quite experienced athletes.

What are the superset tips?

A variant when the supersets consist of antagonist exercises.

Training supersets options:

  • Legs – shoulders
  • Biceps – chest
  • Buttocks – triceps, and so on.

This option is good when you just want to lose weight. Thanks to such training, you maintain overall performance longer, as you do not focus on any muscle group. And that is why you spend more energy on such a training session, since you can load a little all the muscles of your body in one training session. Of course, you will not increase muscle mass by this method, but the effect in terms of losing excess weight from such a workout will be maximum.

See what exercises you can do with supersets: Chest and Triceps Supersets

2. Another variant is when the supersets use exercises for the same muscle group. See more in our article:

When you workout all the fibers of one muscle with a few exercises. Usually in one training session 3 to 4 muscle groups are trained using this method. This method is less focused on losing weight. But this does not mean that you cannot lose weight from this complex. But this option is more conducive to the growth of your muscles as you workout more fibers of the target muscle.

3.  The third option, when exercises on muscle antagonists are included in the supersets.


Training Benefits:

  1. Biceps – Triceps
  2. Pectoral muscles – latissimus dorsi
  3. Press – extensors of the spine.

In its effect, this variant can be called the average between the first and second. Antagonists (as a rule) are in one part of the body, and training any muscle leads to an improvement in the blood supply to its antagonist.
By training biceps, you improve blood circulation in the triceps. And vice versa. As a rule, to train one pair of antagonists, not one, but two or three supersets are used.

The use of supersets in the training process is a fairly powerful training option. It allows you to both build muscle (and a fairly dry mass), and lose weight. This method will be equally useful for both men and women. Moreover, women are more resilient than men. And from my coaching experience I’ll say that women are given supesets much easier than men.

One of the main disadvantages of using supersets is that this approach will not make your muscles strong. Since supersets mean working with medium and small weights. With ultimate weights, it just won’t work.

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