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✅ First off lets start off with a lot of these exercises are going to overlap since there’s a few exercise that basically hit the whole entire back, one being the deadlift since it almost hits the entire body!


So what I have here is the major muscle groups of your back and if you want a well developed back, you’re going to have to hit all the angles (i.e. vertical, horizontal, etc…).

🚨 Let’s go over some of the breakdown:
✅ Latissimus Dorsi:

– Everyone knows these as the wings of our backs and probably the most famous of the back muscles. These muscle will create the illusion of a V-taper and making the appearance of your waist smaller than it actuall is. The muscle is located from under your armpit area and the back of the ribs.

Big Back Workout
Big Back Workout

*✅ Most commmon exercises*
-Lat Pulldown
-Barbell Rows
-Dumbbell Single Arm Rows
🚨 Trapezius:
– The Traps, the most powerful and largest of the back muscle groups. The trapezius is located from the collarbobe frontal view and reach all the way down to the lower back region. Most pay attention to the upper portion of the traps but a well developer trapezius will be worked from the top, middle and lower fibers.


How to Traps
How to Traps⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

*✅ Most commmon exercises*
-Farmers Walks
-Face Pulls
-Barbell Rows

🚨 Rhomboids:
– These guys are tiny and are located underneath the trapezius, they originally come from the vertebrae and attach to the scapulae. Whenever you squeeze your shoulder blades together and retract these are the muscle you are using in order to perform this task.

Rhomboids & Back Exercises
Rhomboids & Back Exercises⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


*Most commmon exercises*
-T-Bar Rows
-Dumbbell Bent-Over Rows
-One-Arms Rows
-Seated Rows

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