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If you want to be proud of yourself when you take off your shirt, this article is definitely for you. When the time comes for the next ab day, you might want to try some of these incredibly effective exercises to make sure you hit those abs as hard as possible. Make sure to drop your carbs too because as we all know you need to shred, not pack on as much fat as you can. Put down the fork, put away that chocolate chip marble cake and let’s begin.


✳️ Russian twist

Russian twist
Russian twist

For this one, you don’t need any machines or gym equipment. This exercise utilizes your bodyweight and will work just as fine as the other ones. It looks perfectly easy to do but once you get cracking you will realize it is actually much harder than previously thought. Sit down on the floor or the fitness mat and lift your legs off the ground just slightly. Following that move, join your hands and interlock your fingers so that they will not separate.


After that, start rotating your entire upper body to the left, while your feet slightly move to the right. Then rotate your body right and have your feet move slightly to the left. Presto, you just did a single rep! However, this is also a very high rep exercise, so you will need at least 30 and at most 40 more reps to do a single set. Basically, you will need to perform this exercise last, after all of your other exercises and right before you go home, so do it until you reach muscle failure and you can’t move anymore. If this exercise is way too easy for you, grab any type of weight in your hands and do the same. A dumbbell, kettlebell or heavy plate will do just fine.

✳️ Ab wheel rollouts

Ab wheel rollouts
Ab wheel rollouts

We suggest you do this exercise when you want to make sure that your core strength is up to par, but be warned – your abs will straight out hurt the next day and the slightest sensation like tickling or sneezing will produce eye-watering pain! However, the results will be worth it, as your core muscles will end up being rock-hard. Who wants soft abs, right?

This exercise can be performed in a bunch of different styles, but the default one is with an ab wheel. However, I recognize that not everyone owns ab wheels nor does every gym have them, so you can also use alternatives such as round dumbbells, barbells, or a TRX-like suspension trainer.


Ab wheel rollouts
Ab wheel rollouts

Let’s say that you actually have an ab wheel – get down on your knees on a fitness mat, take the wheel by the handles and roll forwards as much as you can! Your abs will start hurting immediately but it will be worth it! Remember to keep your back straight and do 10 reps of it, for two sets. If you tried it and you feel absolutely nothing, try doing these from a standing position, doing the roll and then returning to a standing position. It will definitely start hurting and your abs will be a step closer to being perfect!

✳️ Rope crunch


When you’re done with the cable ab rotations, you can still use the pulley for another exercise for your abs. Put a rope on it and raise the pulley to head height. Then, take the rope and drag it down to knee level, getting on your knees in the process. Put the rope on the sides of your your neck, like you were about to hang yourself. Then, move your elbows strongly towards your thighs, like you were about to pray.


Rope crunch
Rope crunch

If you want to boost the effect of this exercise even more, push out your elbows a bit and do the full range of motion available, touching your head to the mat. This exercise should be performed for a high number of reps, anywhere from 15 to 20 of them, for three sets.


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