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How to TRX Back Row Variation



TRX hinges for back

Exercises for the back with TRX allow you to achieve the following results:

  • Increase the muscle mass of the back. Exercises, which you will find below, allow you to pump every muscle ,. Men can get a V-shaped figure, which is considered the standard of masculinity. Girls will get an attractive, healthy back;
  • Burn the fat. The back is a large muscle group. The second after the legs. Only the development of large muscle arrays gives a quick burning of calories, and also contributes to the burning of fatty deposits by the allocation of special hormones. Those who want to get rid of excess weight must necessarily swing their backs with their loops;
  • Improve posture. Exercises with TRX for the back improve posture by “pumping” the muscles that will hold the spine in the correct position. This is the most effective method of correcting posture. Correct pumping of muscles will relieve both the cause and the consequences of problems with the back;
  • Expand your back and shoulder girdle. Traction exercises for the back, performed by a wide grip, will help. A similar function is available for young people under the age of 25 years. Do not believe what that this is possible ? Look at the swimmers. Through the implementation of specific exercises, they were able to expand their skeleton to a level that corresponds to their activities;
  • To improve health. A healthy back is the backbone of the body. A person can live with jams and clamps for years, complain about life and even not suspect about the causes of their conditions. TRX loops can improve the health of the back, if you train with them correctly. Strengthening the back will positively affect the health of the entire body. Can pass the disease, which had an indirect relationship to the curved vertebrae;


Purpose: pumping the back, biceps, rear deltas.



Step by step technique TRX Back Row:

Step # 1. We fix the TRX loops for a fixed object. This can be a crossbar, a special fastening or a tree if you are on the street. This is the starting position.

Step # 2. On the inhalation we bring the shoulder blades together, bend the arms in the elbow joints, and turn the wrists to 180 gadusses. We are pulled to the level of the chest. Movement is done more by blading the shoulder blades and hands

Step # 3. On exhalation we return to the starting position.

Explanation: the main movement for the back, which is an alternative to pull-ups on the chest on the crossbar.

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