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Pancake Execution – stretching exercises

Pancake Stretching Execution



Do you know how to sit on the Pancake Stretch? No? And here and in vain, in fact this type of a twine brings our health invaluable advantage. It positively affects women’s health, develops joints and pelvic muscles, repairs the spine and lower back, and also improves the shape of the legs. Interested? Effective exercises for the transverse twine will help you in this extremely difficult matter.

Preparatory stage – warm-up

We all know that without any warm-up and warm-up of muscles, not a single training can do. Before you begin to perform exercises for the transverse twine, it is worthwhile to prepare your body for exercise. Preliminary warm-up lasts about half an hour and looks like this:

  • circular movements of the shoulders;
  • circular movements of the head;
  • pull up and lower down the locked in the lock hands;
  • torso torso left-right, forward-backward.
  • Watch your knees, your legs should stay straight;
  • We take the palms to the floor;
  • circular movements of the pelvis;
  • flexion and extension of the legs in the knees;
  • walking, jumping, and then running in place.

These exercises improve blood circulation and prepare the body for further exercise. During the warm-up, try to achieve maximum relaxation.

The main stage is stretching exercises. It is several times more difficult to sit on a Pancake twine than, for example, a longitudinal one. But this complex will help to achieve unprecedented success. Exercises for the transverse twine are performed after you stretched and stretched the muscles of the whole body.


Exercise # 1
Starting position – sit on the floor, spread your legs as widely as possible. Hands lift up, leaving your back perfectly flat. Make several inclines forward.

Exercise # 2
The same as in the previous exercise, hands are placed in front of you. Stretch forward with your whole body, trying to reach the tips of your fingers with your hands. Ideally, the body should lie on the floor.

This exercise perfectly stretches the inner and back of the thigh, the hamstrings.

Exercise # 3
This exercise is considered basic, without it a transverse twine at home is unlikely to work.

  • The starting position is standing, we have legs at the width of the shoulders.
  • Grab your elbows with your hands and stretch your forearms down.
  • Try to reach the floor.
  • Put your feet a little narrower and repeat everything again.
  • Return to the starting position.

The final stage is the Pancake Stretch.

The twine is the most beautiful gymnastic exercise. After you have completed a set of exercises for stretching the legs and the whole body, start training the twine. Here it should be noted that the nature of different people in different degrees of expressed reversibility of the hip joints (open the pelvis). This anatomical factor also affects the rate of achievement of the result. Therefore, if the longitudinal twine you already get easily, but with a transverse while there are difficulties – dont be upset. Simply you need to put more effort and patience.


The last exercise is the transverse twine itself. Complete them with stretching exercises, giving them enough time to complete.

Exercise # 4

Check yourself and assess your own strength, then try to sink onto the transverse twine. Do this gently and slowly, so as not to damage the ligaments and muscles of the legs. Happened? That is great! No wonder that you have been practicing so hard and long. If the attempt is not successful, have patience and continue the studies. We are sure, before the good Pancake Stretch at home, it remains quite a bit.

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