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Technique and types of Triceps push cable – reveal all the secrets of the exercise

triceps push cable exercises


Triceps push cable – forming an isolated exercise for triceps, which will help make the hands more prominent and strong. Let’s analyze the technique of performing, their variations and typical mistakes that should be avoided.


Technique and types of unbend

When the exercise is performed correctly, in addition to the triceps, other muscles should not be included in the work. The only exceptions are static stabilizers and, in fact, the brushes that hold the handle. If you feel that you are actively working some other group of muscles – you are doing the exercise incorrectly.

Classic unbend

This is the unbend of the hands with the handle of the upper block. First, put a weight of 5 kg and conduct a warm-up. Exercise can be performed both in the block simulator (unbend of the arms in the crossover) and in the back simulator with the upper block (there is traction on the latissimus muscles). The handle can be different – a short straight line, a curve, a long one with which a pull is performed.

Triceps push cable 
Triceps push cable




So, let’s start:

Technique and types of Triceps push cableTechnique and types of Triceps push cable
Technique and types of Triceps push cable
  • Hang a short straight handle. Grasp her with a straight grip (palms down). Thumb on top, not bottom.
  • The position of the elbows depends on the effectiveness of the load – the elbows must be pressed against the body. Bend your hands slightly more than 90 degrees.
  • The position of the feet can be either on one straight line, or one foot slightly forward, and the other slightly back. Your task is to get as stable as possible. The feet are narrower shoulders, the distance between them is 15-20 cm, if you put them on one straight line. In the case when one is ahead, and the other is behind – this distance will be less.
  • From the position of the “arm bent”, lower the weight down with triceps force. Elbows should not part ways, they are all the time pressed to the body.

Do standing 10-15 warm-up repeats at an average pace. Then hang the correct weight and work 3-4 sets of 8-15 times, depending on the purpose of your workouts.


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