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Exercises for flexibility of the back – we work on the spine!

How To Do Standing Forward Fold


Flexibility is not only in the ability to easily reach hands to the floor or sit on the twine. The flexible back is responsible for the formation of a harmonious silhouette and ideal posture. In addition, she is responsible for coordinating movements and helps to achieve excellent results in dance and other sports. Developing plastic movements and making the spine healthy will help exercise for flexibility of the back.

We get the maximum effect

How to develop the flexibility of the back most effectively?

  • Perform exercises for flexibility of the back in comfortable clothing, which allows the body to breathe and does not constrain movement. Many people prefer to go barefoot, but you can wear light sneakers.
  • For convenience, use a special mat or towel when doing exercises on the floor.
  • Never start a lesson without preheating. Spend 5-7 minutes on the corners of the body, jumping and running on the spot. Such movements will prepare the body for the load.
  • Performing exercises for flexibility of the spine, concentrating on those parts of the back that you are training. At the same time, try to control your breathing: make a fold on exhalation and return to the starting position upwards on breath
  • Avoid jerks and sudden movements.
  • Start with 8 repetitions and gradually increase their number to 15. After a month of lessons, try adding another one rep after a 2-minute rest.
  • After 2-3 exercises, take a short break to restore breathing. Do not stand still! Walk around the room and take a few sips of water.
  • It is advisable to practice 4-5 times a week. Since the training described below will take no more than 20 minutes, you can easily find time for it in your schedule.

Take care of health


Do not forget that exercises for flexibility of the spine should be done very carefully, avoiding sudden movements. Exercises for the flexibility of the spine, presented in this article, are universal. They are suitable for people of any age and begin to implement them can both beginners and advanced athletes. Preliminary consultation of the therapist before the beginning of classes is necessary in the case of:

  • injuries or operations on the spine;
  • tenderness of ligaments and joints;
  • serious cardiovascular diseases.

Experts do not recommend doing exercises for flexibility of the back before dinner or including them in morning exercises. The fact is that in the morning the muscles of the back are in a relaxed state, and this multiplies the risk of injury. It is best to conduct classes in the evening an hour or two after a light dinner. This will help to relieve the accumulated nervous tension during the day, relieve the pain in the back, and adjust for a relaxing rest.

Workout Forward Fold


– feet together, socks on the same line, so that you do not have one leg forward and the other behind;
– We squeeze the stomach into the hips. So tight that the arm could not pass the;
– knees, of course, are bent;
– grabbing yourself by the ankles or, if possible – putting your fingers under your heels;
– we try to reduce the elbows behind the calf muscles;
– The neck is relaxed, the shoulders are removed from the ears, extending the neck, the top stretches forward;
– Wait so, in this position, breathe in your belly – on the breath, create pressure inside the abdomen, on the exhalation tighten the front wall of the abdomen closer to the spine and draw in the pelvis. In this way, the internal organs are massaged;


And, if possible, as far as possible, try to straighten the knees, without losing contact with the abdomen. Biceps help to pull yourself tightly to the hips.

Leaving the pose Forward Fold

– At the last breath, stretch out a lot, get ahead and feel the stretching force;
– At the end of the exhalation, loosen the grip in your hands and hang a little, allowing the flow of blood to spill over the body;
– Straighten your legs if they are bent;
– Release your hands, allowing them to hang out in front of you;
– Get out of the inspiration pose, lift your body up, relax your arms, let yourself recover, and keep calm, restoring your breath;

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