28 Days Stretching Challenge, Tips, Routine Examples

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Stretching Challenge

Hello my beautiful readers and welcome in 28 Days Stretching Challenge. No matter how old you are, it is always a pleasure to have a beautiful slender and flexible body.

Joints need to be trained constantly. A good stretch prevents injuries during heavy physical activity and the development of degenerative changes in the joints.

Today I suggest starting an amazing challenge. Read how to sit on the twine in one month.

28 Days Stretching Challenge




Why super Stretching Challenge is needed

Why it suddenly became fashionable to have flexibility. Any fashion for sports is always good. Twine today has become a symbol of great flexibility. This is an indicator of a high level of own body ownership. Do it – that means you really know how to stretch.

And, really, so that you can get your legs apart 180 degrees, you need to try very hard and train not only your legs. The back, arms, hips, abs will be involved. It just seems that easy. In fact, the result is a lot of work.

Twine and its types

The main types are transverse and longitudinal (static views), as well as dynamic (when you can wave your foot above your head, like the heroes of action movies from the 90s). The muscles of the inner surface of the thigh are stretched during the training of the transverse twine, and during the training of the longitudinal, the posterior surface of the thigh is involved. Both options imply that the angle between the inner surfaces of the thighs should be 180 degrees.

Master the twine is quite complicated. It is difficult for an adult to learn this, but for children and adolescents, due to the high mobility of the joints, it is easy.

In any form, such an action is useful in that it engages muscles, makes them bumpy, elastic, teaches you not to stoop and take care of yourself. If you add an element of some activity to your trainings, you can easily lose weight (though if you follow the diet). But the most important plus (if you are doing everything right) of flexibility exercises is that they are pleasant and relaxing. After each such training, I have a feeling of serenity.

Stretch Myths

twine stretching

There is a stereotype that you can have excellent flexibility only in childhood, and the older we are, the harder and more wooden we become. Yes it is.

The joints are less mobile with age, it’s hard for us to do what the child does. But this does not mean that nothing else will work. It just takes a little more time for stunts in the style of Stallone, Jackie Chan or Jean Claude Van Damme than before.

Another myth – you can achieve the desired in a week! Nothing like this. Such misconceptions can result in personal injury. In such a case, it is better not to rush.

Ideally, set a minimum period after which the results will appear – a month (I offer you just such a challenge), but it is better to extend the experiment for a couple of months.

What mistakes cannot be made in 28 Days Stretching Challenge?

Here are a few rules that will help you not to turn a set of stretching exercises into getting new injuries. Tested with bitter experience.

One Rule: go to the doctor

If you have any complaints, consult a therapist, neurologist or surgeon.

If such activity is permissible for you, whether you can stretch your muscles and joints. It is possible that some injuries will be incompatible with your plans, and you can do worse.

Two Rule: pain is not normal

If during stress you are pricked and sore, then you are doing something wrong.

Start with leisurely light movements. You should feel muscle work, but not pain. Inaccurate movement and you may injure yourself. Be careful about yourself.

Three Rule: do not forget to warm up

Any exercise should not be started without a warm-up. You must be prepared.

Run , jump, warm yourself up, do squats and only then get down to business. Below in the article there is a selection of exercises.

Do not forget to warm up


Four Rule: Speed is Not Important

Listen to yourself. If it hurts you, then slow down, be careful. Do not rush to sit on the twine after two classes. Here the speed only interferes than helps.

Five Rule: Listen to Yourself and the Trainer

It’s best to do everything under the supervision of a mentor. He will tell you where you are doing something wrong, will correct the technique. But the coach is not an omnipresent god. He may not know your old injuries (and you may not know them) and put pressure where should not.

There is only one advice – if you are in pain, do not tolerate and tell the coach. Even if he insists, you can safely refuse. Only you know and feel any changes in the body.

Warm up in Stretching Challenge

Warm up

Before you begin to stretch, you need to warm up all the muscles and joints well. Despite the fact that only legs and pelvis are involved in the twine, the hands should also be warmed up.


  1. Circular head movements and tilts will help warm the neck muscles.
  2. Fold your hands behind the castle. Lean and try to reach with your hands.
  3. Ankle joints. Stand upright, place one foot on the toe and perform circular motions with the foot. Keep your sock off the floor. Repeat for the second leg.
  4. Jogging. 10 minutes is enough.
  5. Squats Several approaches 10 times.
  6. 100 rope jumps.
  7. Swing to the sides and back and forth. 10 max for each side. Watch your posture and strive to raise your leg above 90 degrees.
  8. Do a legs massage.

Exercises for stretching the femoral muscles

Young attractive female fitness woman performing a twine
  • Sit on the floor. Spread your hips as wide as possible. So that they do not feel pain, but there is tension. Lower your hands to the floor and stretch them forward. Make smooth movements, avoid jerking. Stay in that position for 20 seconds. Then rest and repeat the exercise 2 more times.
  • Keep sitting, bring your legs together. One leg – need bend at the knee and lower to the floor and heel rest against the other thigh. Lean your body and arms toward your straight leg. Try to reach the knee with your stomach. Hold for 20 seconds and switch sides.
  • Sit upright. Straighten your legs, lean forward. Stretch your hands to your socks.

lexible body


  • Lunge forward. 3 sets of 15 times. After the exercise, linger in this position – one knee is bent and set forward, the other touches the floor. Try to get as low as possible. Hold for 20 seconds and change.
  • Rolling over. Spread your feet wide. Bend your knees slightly. Move the body and pelvis to the right, straighten the left knee. Now the other way. Repeat 20 times.
  • Lie down on your back. Bend your knees, press them to the floor so that you get the pose of a “frog” or “butterfly”. Hold this position, relax.

You can stretch by doing the plank exercise. Stand in the side plank. Raise your upper leg, grasp your foot in your hand. Stretch and keep your balance.

|  Do not miss days, do exercises daily and only in this way you can achieve results.

For warm-up you can also try to do an exercise: Do the Perform Plank Properly

Want to stay young and flexible for a long time? Then join my challenge, leave comments that you are ready to start. And after a month, boast of the results. Be sure to subscribe to blog updates and share the article with your friends.

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