How to Standing Calf Raises with Barbell | Exercise & Guide

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Standing Calf Raises with a Barbell

calves raises

Calf Training Principles

Warm up Calf

Achilles tendon injury, which secures the calf muscle to the calcaneus, is a very common occurrence with poor heating. It is very long and difficult to treat, so do not be lazy straching.

Intensity Training Calf

The calf training should be at least as intense as, for example, the chest. A 15-minute calf sets after training your legs is too little. Do not forget that these muscles are initially stronger than most others.

Weights in training Calf

Choose weights carefully, but remember when you want to surprise them that your calf muscles wear you all day. Arnold, for example, shook them every other day with weights reaching 500 kg, and his became strong after 3 years.

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Diversity Training Calf 

Do not limit yourself to one exercise – they should be in the arsenal of at least 3-4, sitting and standing.

Stretching Calf  

Include calf exercises in a stretching program that you perform on days that are separate from your workout. Do you do the same?

Program for beginners (at home) calf raise:

Approaches / Repetitions

  • Raise on socks, standing on the floor 3 / 10-15
  • Raise on socks, sitting on a bench, putting weight on your knees 3/15
  • Performing 1 and 2 exercises, each leg individually 3/10

After 1-2 weeks, start exercising on a platform or step to stretch your muscles calves more.

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