The Calf muscles: Anatomy and Function

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The calf muscles: Anatomy and Function

The calf muscle is a biceps muscle located on the back surface of the lower leg, above the soleus muscle. Attaches to the heel through the Achilles tendon.

The calf muscles: anatomy and function


With regard to bodybuilding and fitness, the calf muscles are also key muscles of the legs, worked out in the gym. Meanwhile, attention to these muscles is paid, most often, only to experienced and competing athletes – most beginners and amateurs practically do not pump them separately.

The main bundles of the calf muscle

  • Medial (internal)
  • Lateral (external)

Calf Anatomy

The main functions of the calf muscle

  1. Foot movement in the sagittal plane (back and forth);
  2. Stabilization of the position of the legs when walking and running.

Best calf exercises

The calf muscles always belonged to the category of muscles that few people pump separately. However, developed calves are not only the aesthetic appearance of your legs, but also a serious help in many exercises on the legs. The calf muscles play an important stabilizing function when performing such basic exercises as squats with a barbell, leg press, etc.

Best calf muscle exercises

There are a large number of exercise options for calves, and all of them differ only in the way they are performed. However, in all cases, they are based on the same movements and are practically equal in effectiveness.


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