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Today we will examine 4 exercises for training the press

6 Pack ABdominal exercises

 Crunches on the fitball

Exercise effectively works out all the muscles of the press.

Crunches on the fitball


Starting position: sit on the fitball, feet just stand on the floor, cross your arms on the chest. Crossing with your feet, gently step forward so that the back lies on the ball, and your knees are under your ankles, keep your head on weight, without reclining. From this position, with the isolated effort of the muscles of the press, begin a slow twisting: first the head, then the shoulders, then the middle of the back. Until the sensation of complete contraction of the abdominal muscles. Slowly return to the starting position. At the initial stage, start with 1-2 sets of 8-10 repetitions in each. Rest between sets 45 seconds. Version for beginners.

When you easily master this exercise, go to a more advanced version. The starting position is the same, with only one exception – arms bent at the elbows and located on the back of the head, fingers do not cross. The exercise is similar to the above. At this stage, perform the exercise in 3 sets of 12 reps each. Reduce the rest between sets to 30 seconds.

Leg Raises with Exercise Ball


Leg Raises with exercises ball lying on the floor is a fitness exercise for girls and women and everyone who likes to pump one muscle and strengthen others in parallel. Lifting the feet with the fitball on the bottom of the press, the static muscles work and the lower muscles of the abdomen are loaded into the work, the groin area is worked.


How to 6 Pack Abdominal exercises
How to 6 Pack Abdominal exercises

Lay down on the rug, fitball between the legs using the ankles and shins. The most correct way to do this is to attach the fitball so that its main part is on top. With your hands you can rest on the floor and put them under your buttocks or put them behind your head and take hold of some kind of support. Muscles in the lumbar region stretch and pull the stomach.

  • After lifting your legs together with fitball, tear off the pelvis from the floor and raise your legs to a vertical position, hold them there for 1-2 seconds and strain the press as much as possible. Lifting and keeping the legs in the top position fully includes the direct muscle of the abdomen.

Executing exercise 4 sets of 20-25 reps!

Side to Side Twists with Medicine Ball


Executing Exercises Twists with Medicine Ball

-Lie down on the rug, pick up the fitball begin to perform the exercise;
-Start twisting with a delay of 1-2 seconds in the lateral position;
-Exercise includes oblique abdominal muscles as well as rectus abdominis muscle;

Side to Side Twists with Medicine Ball

Planks with 1/2 BOSU Ball

  • Make an emphasis lying down and put elbows on BOSU Ball;
  • The body at the same time does not go up directly to the top but is parallel to the floor;
  • Feet rest on the floor, try to hold out for 30-40 seconds;

Then put your knees on the floor and rest without getting up, rest 10 -20 sec. and repeat the exercise, follow 4 approaches.

Planks with 1/2 BOSU Ball


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