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Today we will consider a mixed exercise, cardio in the form of push-ups and lifting dumbbells to the biceps sitting.


🚨What muscles are involved: HIIT Cardio & Bicep Workout

  • When lifting on the bicep – Biceps, inner, outer
  • At push-up – pectoral muscles are involved
  • Secondary muscles: shoulders, trapezium

HIIT Cardio & Bicep Workout



🚨Executing Exercise: HIIT Cardio & Bicep Workout

Start the exercise from the position of a full squat
Elbows are between the legs
Perform lifting of insulating biceps: 1 pull up
Then take the rest position lying down and start push-ups: 1 push up

HIIT Cardio & Bicep Workout


Repeat this exercise for 30-60 seconds. Rest for about 60-90 seconds. In general, the exercise takes about 20-25 minutes or more.


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