How to Do T-BAR Row Exercises, Tips, Benefits


How to Do T-BAR Row Exercises

T-bar row exercises – is designed to workout the large muscles of the back. The movement is similar in mechanics with barbell row, however it is somewhat easier to control the correctness of the exercise here.

T-Bar Row exercises – for development of the huge muscles back

how to t-bar row
how to do t-bar row exercises

Due to this, the athlete can work with more weight scales, not allowing the risk of injury.

The pull of the T-bar is undemanding to the equipment it can be done both in a special simulator, and with a conventional barbell.

Working muscles with TBAR ROW

The main load during the movement is on the latissimus muscles of the back.

Muscles work:

  • Trapezium;
  • Large round;
  • Diamond-shaped muscles;
  • Extensors of the spine and rear deltas.

T- Bar Row Exercises – is main place very well pump muscle of the back especially in place between the shoulder blades.

T-bar row exercises develops several large groups of muscles. This allows you to get a good load and form a beautiful and wide back.

How to Execution T-Bar Row Exercises

T-bar row can be carried out both on a special simulator, and with the help of an classic barbell, at one end of which have a weight plate.

Simulators for T-Bar Row come in different types. Some of them allow you to perform the exercise lying down.

But there is a significant disadvantage – it is impossible to achieve a deflection in the lower back, due to which the maximum reduction of the latissimus muscles of the back is shaped.

Tips T-Bar Row


  1. Set the required number of plate to one end of the bar.
  2. The other end barbell place in the corner or ask your partner to fixing it with a foot.
  3. If there is a special handle fix it on the barbell closer to the plate. Another option Grasp T-bar, the barbell is take with both hands barbell closer to plate.
  4. One hand is placed in front other is behind after each approach change your hands.
  5. Place the barbell between the legs, lean with a straight back, bending your knees.
  6. Grasp the barbell as hard as possible, stretch the abs.
  7. Raise the body so that you tear the barbell plate off the floor, movement should be performed at the expense of the muscles of the back.
  8. Bend your knees so you can control the exercise.

Execution of traction:

  • On exhalation at the expense muscles of the back, tighten the bar to yourself. The elbows move close to the body.
  • Hold bar for a second at the top, reducing the shoulder blades and achieving a peak muscle contraction.
  • On breath, smoothly lower the bar to its original position, while you should feel the stretching of the back muscles. Elbows at the bottom point to the end do not unbend, plate remain on weight.

Executuion T-Bar Row 8-12 reps. Rest for 1 minute and do 1-2 more approaches, this is a basic exercise it should be performed at the beginning of the workout.

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