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👉🏻 Exercise 1: Alternating Dumbbell press into shoulder press.
✅ Perform 8 reps alternating and 4 reps together.
✅ Perform 5 sets.

✅Dumbbell press
✅Dumbbell press

👉🏻 Exercise 2: Dumbbell lateral raises.
❌ Do not touch dumbbell together at bottom.
✅ 5 sets 15 reps.

🔥Dumbbell lateral raises
🔥Dumbbell lateral raises

A great option for additional study of the average beam of deltas, but provided that the exercise is performed correctly. muscle must working inside the amplitude (elbows do not rise above the delta level).

👉🏻 Exercise 3: Cable machine upright rows.
✅ Drive elbows out, bring hands to shoulders.
✅ 5 sets 12-15 reps.

✅Cable machine upright rows
✅Cable machine upright rows

Excellent basic exercise for the development of the anterior delta, which partly involves the average beam too. The width of the grip is average, that is, you take up the bar a little wider than the shoulders. Take it too wide – part of the load will go to the pectoral muscles, too narrow – overload the triceps, which will get tired earlier before the shoulder muscle is pumped well.

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