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🚨 I get this question alot in my DMs, so I figured I’d draw a solution once and for all. –
If you’re a “skinnyfat” type of dude (or girl) chances are you haven’t ever trained, or atleast not consistently, and you don’t like eating protein, or atleast not in the amount you should consume.



Quite infact, skinnyfat people have a very small amount of muscle mass with a high % of bodyfat, which means that overall they tend to eat alot (or atleast more than they need), packing on bodyfat, while not feeding their muscle mass (no training and not enough protein).


✅ Solution? Doing your homework! 

Luckily for you, if you’re a skinnyfat you’re considered a newbie: This means that you can get away with a body recomposition approach, aka fat loss + muscle building at the same time.


Solution Weight Loss? Doing your homework
Solution Weight Loss? Doing your homework

1️⃣Strength training: you need to join a gym andto stay there for a while if you want to swe results. You need to focus on getting stronger and lifting heavier weight focusing a progressive overload approach. Don’t just chase numbers though: focus on your technique and perfect it, focus on doing the required amount of sets & reps and try your best to recover faster between sets. I’m not telling you to do all of these at once, but this is what I mean with “getting stronger”. It’ll take time, but you need to focus on each of these aspects to continue progressing and building muscles.


2️⃣Eat plenty of protein and lift heavy weights. This is just as important as step one. Your muscle will grow ONLY if you’ll give it the right stimulus (progressively overloading the bar) and the “material” to make your body adapt to it. 2.3g of protein per Kg of LBM (total weight – fat weight) will be more than sufficient.
Stay in a caloric deficit: eat less calories than your body requires to sustain its bodyweight, so that it can burn bodyfat for energy.

3️⃣It won’t happen over night. Give it a couple months up to one year and even more if you want great results. Be patient and stick to the plan!
That’s it. That’s my take on Skinnyfat and how to overcome it.

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