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🔥Booty workout 

💥 This variant training is very hard, one such a week workout on the buttocks is enough. It is better to spend it after a day of rest. The second let it be not purposefully on the “booty”, and on his feet. You can include 1 exercise on the buttocks, and the rest – the legs with the side inclusion of the buttocks.

  • If after this workout you still have strength for even a 10-minute cardio, it means that you fumbled cheat: either you took a little weight, or you took a long rest between sets.
  • We take a weight such that the last repetition in the approach is given through “I can’t”, between approaches there is no rest for more than two minutes. Try to fit in a minute. If you relax less, you simply will not pull out this workout.
Booty workout 
Booty workout

🔥 Squats


4 sets of 10 repetitions.
-Squat at least to parallel the hips with the floor. Getting up from the squat, do not be lazy to file the pelvis forward, tightly squeezing the buttocks.


🔥 Lunges

3 sets of 20 steps.
-Do not flush the body forward and here, unlike the previous exercise, try to touch the floor with your knee.

Athletic woman exercising lunges in an old ruin while holding her hands on hips. Copy space.


🔥 Hip Raise

3 sets x 10 repeats
-We do without weight or with a weight in the form of a barbell, at a fast pace, at the top point we strongly compress the buttocks, slowly descend and repeat the approach.

Hip Raise
Hip Raise

🔥 KickBack

KickBack bent leg from standing on all fours.

3 x 20 each leg.

Pace is fast, movement is explosive.


If you consistently include this workout in your weekly split, by the summer your buttocks will be elastic and sexy.

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