Stretch your biceps | Guide

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🔥 Stretch your biceps

Stretch your biceps
✅Stretch your biceps

✅ We don’t often think of our biceps getting tight, however its more common than one would think. Tight biceps can affect the stability of the shoulder blades which intern affects other muscles. If you like training arms you should take note of this, if you look at the anatomy man on the left his elbow remains extended at almost close to 0 degrees.

✅ Now check your arm out form the side standing in a relaxed position, is your elbow in a slightly flexed position? This means one of the elbow flexors is tight. This again is a problem because the bicep is pulling on the shoulder blade with the same force as it is on the elbow at all times.

✅ To remedy this we need to stretch the biceps, and we do that by doing the exact opposite of its action. The biceps is a elbow/shoulder flexor and a supinator. To stretch it to the best of our abilities we need to go into full elbow extension (locking the elbow out) then shoulder extension as seen in the picture, and after put the forearm into pronation. apply pressure in extension as you see fit and are comfortable with. .

💪 How does this stretch feel for you? Were your biceps tight, let me know in the comments below!

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