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Technique of doing the exercise DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS

The back of the bench needs to be installed vertically. Sit on a bench, take in each hand a dumbbell, then lift them over your shoulders. A little bit – having slightly given dumbbells forward, unfold them so that palms looked forward. Straighten your chest and take your shoulders back. Fix the spine in the normal position, straining the press and the lumbar muscles. Slightly dilute the dumbbell to the sides in such a way that the distance between the palms was slightly more than the shoulders, and the elbows were pointed to the sides and down.

Strain the deltas and squeeze the dumbbells in a wide arc upward, first taking a breath and holding your breath. Dumbbells must move strictly in the vertical plane. When the most difficult part of the bench press is passed, exhale, and completely straighten your arms, maximally strain the deltas.

At the top point, dumbbells should almost touch each other, hands be completely straightened, and shoulders be raised. Gently lower the dumbbells to the shoulders, along the same trajectory and do the following repetition.


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