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💥 Ab Wheel Proper Form🚨

Ab Wheel Proper Form
Ab Wheel Proper Form

🎯Target Muscles: Abs, Hips, Shoulders, Triceps, Lats

💥 Advantages and disadvantages of a sports wheel

  • In fact, this wheel has such a small size for a simulator that you can easily work with it even in a cramped apartment.
  • Another weighty argument in favor of buying a sports wheel for the Abdominal is its cost. This device is very inexpensive, but in terms of efficiency is not inferior to expensive simulators.
sports wheel
sports wheel

👉 To get the most out of the exercise with Wheel, follow these tips:

  • Slowly and controlled wheel roll forward and back;
  • Keep the muscles of the press strained throughout the entire trajectory of motion;
  • Hhold for 1-2 accounts in a stretched position;
  • Do the exercise with your knees on the rug;
  • To develop the strength of the abdominal muscles and create a strong cervical corset,
  • Include the exercise along with the bar in the training press;
  • As you train, use also diagonal rolls of the roller;
  • Do not perform the exercise for pain in the lower back and hernia;
  • The recommended number of approaches – 2-3, repetitions 8-12.
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