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🚨Banded Single Arm Pull Overs Proper Technique🚨

Banded Single Arm Pull Overs Proper Technique
Banded Single Arm Pull Overs Proper Technique

🔥 Basic Errors Banded Single Arm Pull Overs

  1. So, it’s time to go through the main mistakes of this exercise, they are the following:
  2. Too much weight. In this exercise, weight is not the main thing, and it’s worth remembering always, the maximum that you can afford is 14-16 kg;
  3. Excessive over-extension at the bottom of the path. Do not lower the projectile too low for the head, let alone touch the floor;


  1. Bridge with a “breathable” pullover. Do not get up on the “bridge”, i.e. Do not bend the lower back much, otherwise the back injury will be provided to you;
  2. Wrong breathing technique. Do not hold the air, otherwise the head will spin;
  3. Incorrect position of hips and feet. Do not raise your hips and do not lift your feet from the floor, this all can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the exercise and injury.
Banded Single Arm Pull Overs
💥 Banded Single Arm Pull Overs

On average, it is necessary to perform 10 to 15 repetitions of movement in 2-3 approaches.


From the point of view of anatomy, the muscular work is as follows:

  • The starting position – thoracic and triceps are stretched;
  • Inclusion in the work of the widest muscles at the beginning of the movement;
  • The stage of raising hands from behind the head to the vertical position – chest and triceps are strained;
  • The stage of the vertical position of the hands – the end of the action on the pectoral muscles, the inclusion of the widest muscles in the work

💥 Variations in the execution of the pullover

Variations in the execution of the pullover
💥Variations in the execution of the pullover
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