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🚨Decline Sit-Ups Proper Form

Decline Sit-Ups Proper Form
Decline Sit-Ups Proper Form

🔥 3 Things to Avoid:
❌Keeping Chin Down- Many people lace their hands behind their hand and try to pull their body up by jerking their head forward and pulling their chin down. Pushing your head down like this breaks your spine alignment and puts you at risk of spinal injury.
❌Too Much Momentum- Many people do not keep their body aligned and throw their shoulder and head forward for momentum. If this is you, you may need to decrease the angle of the decline until you’ve built up some more abdominal strength to perform with proper form.


❌Limited Range of Motion- Going half way down on this exercise and back up would be considered partial reps. This can be implemented intentionally after you’ve reached failure, but for the majority of your reps, I recommend performing this exercise at 100% range of motion in order to hit the largest range of muscles.

How to Decline Sit-Ups
How to Decline Sit-Ups

🔥 3 Things to Include:
✅Head Straight- Keeping your eyes straight ahead will ensure that your spine is properly aligned and abdominal muscles are engaged properly. This will reduce the risk of spinal and neck injury as well.
✅Proper Muscle Activation- When performing this exercise with proper posture and controlled reps, you should be engaging primarily your abdominal muscles throughout the movement and should feel the exercise burning much faster than if you’re using momentum to power through each rep.
✅Full Range of Motion- Performing this exercise controlling all the way down until back touches the bad will hit the largest range of muscles in your body.


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