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🚨Strict Pull-Up Proper Form

Strict Pull-Up
Strict Pull-Up

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Head Facing Up- Often our natural tendency on pull-ups is to look up in the direct we are pulling our bodies. The problem with looking up is that your head goes back and your spine breaks alignment. This can put you at risk of pinching a nerve or even seriously injuring your spinal cord.
❌Body Swinging- If your legs are swinging and body is not staying in a straight line, you are creating more momentum and lessening the load on your back muscles. If you’re not ready for pull-ups without swinging, use assisted pull-up machine or have a partner hold your feet.


❌Partial Reps- Partial reps are normally an indication that you’ve reach failure and are trying to get more reps than what your back is conditioned for. Although partial reps can be implemented intentional at the end of a set, the majority of your reps should be strict with good form in order to utilize your back muscles properly.


3 Things to Include:
✅Head Straight- Keeping your eyes straight ahead will ensure that your spine is properly aligned and back muscles are engaged properly. This will reduce the risk of spinal and neck injury as well.
✅Body Stable- For the purpose of muscle development, strict & slow, controlled reps are the most effective for activating the greatest range of back muscles and getting the best overall muscle development in your back. This requires to avoid any swinging of the body to reduce additional momentum.
✅Full Range of Motion- By allowing the arms to go completely straight at the bottom of each rep, you are able to use 100% lats to initiate each pull-up. Partial reps will engage much more biceps.

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