Are You Tipping Forward During Your Squat?

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🎯 Tipping forward during your squat?

➡️ This can be a common problem for people for two reasons, one the lack of ankle mobility or improper cuing. There is a quick remedy to both factors that you can try during your next squat session. This old school solution can allow you to squat deeper even if your squat is okay now, so give it a try.

tipping forward during your squat?
tipping forward during your squat?

✅ Some of you may have heard the weights under the heel trick. This trick is done by placing either 5-10 Lb plates under the heels during your squat. This wont help if you don’t execute your squat properly, the reason this trick helps is because it allows your ankle to go into more dorsiflexion than it naturally could. This is done by starting of in slight planter flexion or we can call it negative dorsi flexion. This gives us more degrees of dorsi flexion throughout the movement.


✅ Now when using the weights trick it is important to allow your knees to move more forward when going into your squat and not restrict yourself to only hip flexion (sitting back). Having your knees passed your toes will not cause you any harm if you don’t have a pre-existing condition. Now when going down focus on dropping the hips and having about equal knee translation forward and hip translation back.

✅ Having your heels lift off during a squat is not the best thing as it adds a translational force of the femur over the tibia meaning its trying to slide passed it instead of rotating on it which is a big no. This fix is temporary and can be used during the time you work on fixing your ankle mobility.

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