🚨Barbell Squats Proper Form

Barbell Squats
Barbell Squats

🔥 3 Things to Avoid:
❌Knees Cross Over Toes- Crossing your knees over your toes puts strain on your knees and causes your heels to come off the ground resulting in less powerful reps.
❌Partial Reps- Going only halfway down can create more tension in the lower back and fails to activate the glute muscles. This results in building a less well-rounded physique and also results in less powerful sets.

❌Bar Resting Against Neck- Having the bar too high can cause tension against your spine. Although there is a proper technique for a “high bar” squat, the low bar position is what is recommended to generate the most power.

Barbell Squats Proper Form
Barbell Squats Proper Form

🔥 3 Things to Include:
✅Knees Don’t Cross Over Toes- Keeping your knees behind your toes is essential to maintain proper balance, spine alignment, and generate the most powerful sets.
✅Full Range of Motion- “A** to the grass!” This is what we commonly hear to describe the importance of deep reps on squats. I believe the depth of your reps should at least be down to a 90 degree angle and even lower.
✅Bar Resting Behind Rear Delts- This position of the bar could be awkward for some initially but once mastered, you will see a huge different in your ability to lift more weight and do so without irritating your spine.

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