🔥Barbell Squats Proper Form | Video & Guide

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🚨Barbell Squats Proper Form

How to Barbell Squats


🔥 Squats – are a simple and complex movement, the effectiveness of which is achieved due to the high repetition rate. It even is part of power triathlon. Everyone has a different attitude towards squats, as they say “from love to hate.” The effectiveness of squats is undeniable, and the best proof of this is the huge role that this exercise plays in training athletes of various categories.

Squatting with a barbell is an exercise where it is best to have a partner, since in this matter safety is above all. For such workout, you will definitely need a reliable and constant partner who can quickly secure and help if something happens. It will be great if you perform these exercises in the place where there are rack squats and safety restraints.

Barbell Squats Proper Form
Barbell Squats Proper Form


🔥 Tips for Barbell Squat


Squats with a barbell can be dangerous for those who have diseases of the spine, back, and knee joints. Moreover, many doctors and massage therapists recommend excluding classical squats from training programs in gyms in order to prevent injuries to the knees and spine. After all, as it turns out, squats can cause a hernia of the spine and other dangerous injuries. It is necessary to gradually and carefully increase the load in the form of weight disk on the bar so as not to “hurt” the back.


As for the knees, we think it is unnecessary to mention their undeniable importance here, since the load on them is enormous. Do not forget to warm up before squat. Remember that even the strongest knee joints with regular squats without proper warming up can become sources of constant pain over time. But for greater safety, it is better to bandage your knees with an elastic gymnastic bandage.

This type of squat has its advantages

Squats and Testosterone

This basic exercise contributes to the active production of testosterone, which leads to an increase in muscle mass. After all, squats will require the greatest effort from us and will give a load immediately to the maximum number of muscles! Some well-known methodologists even offer training systems for developing the muscles of the whole body, which are based on almost the same squats with a barbell.

Squats help burn fat

If with such squats you can effectively build muscle, then it will “burn” your fat. The more muscle you build on your skeleton, the more calories you will burn during training and recovery. So if you want to lose weight, you can’t do without squats.

Muscle development

During the squats, the muscles of the central part of the body, including the muscles of the abdominal zone, are involved. According to studies, squats allow you to load the muscles of the press even better than the usual twisting all, imagine? So if you want to get the Abs with cubes, do squats. And the extra weight increases the load and efficiency.

How to lern right squat 

How to Squat


1. It is very important to learn to do a lower squat of movement: legs shoulder-width apart, toes deployed to the sides at about an angle of 30 ° from the center; then sit down as if on a chair. Try to keep your knees out of line of socks.

2. At the lower point of the thigh, they are parallel to the floor, and the knees are brought out (wider than the socks). For the correct position of the knees, fasten your hands in a lock, straighten your wrists parallel to the floor, then place your hands between your knees, as if pushing your knees apart with your elbows.

The uniqueness of this exercise by the fact that it is almost impossible to reproduce it on any simulator.

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