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🚨 Barbell Bench Proper Form

Barbell Bench Proper Form
Barbell Bench Proper Form

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Lifting Butt Off Bench- It is good to use your legs to help explode through each rep but not good to lift your butt of the bench in attempts to get more momentum. This puts immense strain on the spine.
❌Not Controlling Down- Not controlling down on bench is the number 1 cause of muscles tears when benching.


❌Unstable Feet- Your feet are your base. Without a strong base, your are not engaging as many muscles in your lift, resulting in a less powerful press.

Barbell Bench
Barbell Bench

3 Things to Include:
✅Butt on Bench- Keep glutes flexed and in contact with the bench throughout the entire set. Your power should come from your legs planted in the ground and you should not need additional momentum by throwing your hips forward.
✅Controlled Reps- Performing bench with controlled reps is essential for correct time under tension and for adequate and safe muscle development. This includes controlling the negative.
✅Strong Base- Your base is important to engage the most muscle in order to achieve the most powerful sets.

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