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Effective exercises for the press at home!

I will gladden you: beautiful abdominal and coveted cubes have all. They are simply hidden under a layer of fat on the stomach. Help for lost fat it is – proper nutrition and exercise for the press: At home you can perform a simple, but quite effective complex.

Crop Top Workout
Crop Top Workout



If your goal is a thin waist and a flat stomach, first of all think about nutrition. The most important thing is to exclude fried, fatty, sweet, flour.

And also salt and spices: sometimes you can have a little soy sauce with a minimum salt content and natural ketchup or tomato paste. Portions of food should not be too large, but you do not need to starve: if you are undernourished, the metabolism is broken, there will be swelling and begin, as they say, “to swell with hunger.”

Many athletes set a goal to increase the muscles of the press, to increase them in volume. In this case, you need complex exercises – lowering the legs lying down or lifting the legs in the crossbar. But most people, to achieve just a beautiful Abdominal, it is enough to do light exercises for the press at home with a lot of repetitions. Working on the press, we burn fatty tissue not only in the abdomen, but in the whole body.

Exercises for the press are generally unique in that they involve a variety of zones: the body, hands, and feet.

How to train a press

How to train a press
How to train a press

To give the press too much attention is not necessary: ​​if you engage, for example, an hour a day, then excessive massage of internal organs to good will not. It is quite enough 15-20 minutes a day, and exercises for the press can be performed both before, during and after training. And completely newcomers advise you to choose a couple of light exercises:


How to Ab Wheel Proper Form

How to Ab Wheel Proper Form
How to Ab Wheel Proper Form

Do the minimum number of repetitions in two sets every other day. From the second week, you can increase the load, listening to your feelings.

Exercises for the press and the principles of training for men and women are no different. But the goals are different.
For men, it is desirable that the cubes really were, but for women would be better not see cubes. If two vertical strips are drawn on the abdomen and even one horizontal above it is still normal. But if you can see not only the top two cubes, but the rest – that means you overdid it. When a woman seeks a dried male press, she can break the fat balance, and this entails a threat to reproductive function and a malfunction in other metabolic processes. In addition, all six cubes of a woman – this is not aesthetically pleasing, and many will agree with me.

Perform the exercises as shown in the picture, for 5 sets with a rest of 2 minutes!

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