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💪 This Will Grow Your Biceps!

Regardless of what kind of Raise Dumbbells for Biceps you perform (standing, sitting, etc.), the technical principles are always the same. Compliance with the correct technique will help you better concentrate on the work of your biceps and save you from possible injuries.

👉🏻 Exercise 2: Bent over isolation curls.

✅ Elbow is firmly planted against knee.
✅ 4 sets 10-12 reps.

✅Bent over isolation curls
✅Bent over isolation curls
  • Primary muscles: biceps;
  • Additional muscles: the front of the deltoid muscle;
  • Level of training: medium.

In this exercise, the lower biceps head, which works in the first third of the movement, receives most of the load.

👉🏻 Exercise 3: Neutral grip wide curls.

✅ Flex bicep hard up top.
✅ 4 sets 10-12 reps.

✅Neutral grip wide curls
✅Neutral grip wide curls
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