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🔥 We train the addominal in a complex way.

✅ Do it 8 exercises with pics!

Overkill abdominal exercises
Overkill abdominal exercises

✅ We examine one of the options for training the abdominal muscles and the presented complex of exercises in the picture above!

Double twists are used to develop abdominal muscles and have one important advantage in comparison with classical twists. The exercise harmoniously distributes the load across all areas of the rectus abdominis muscle, including its lower part. That is, such twists are unique in that they allow you to work through the entire press simultaneously.


🔥 Technique of execution.

The technique combines the twisting of the body with the simultaneous lifting of the pelvis.

🚨 Double twisting is done as follows:

  • Lie on your back, before laying a soft gymnastic mat on the floor, bend your knees and put your feet on the floor, put your hands behind your head. Loosen the loin tightly against the rug so that there is no deflection in this part of the back.
  • on exhalation simultaneously tighten the pelvis and chest to each other. At the top, try to maximize the abdominal muscles. Do not push your hands on your head. This is not only harmful to the neck, but also reduces the effectiveness of training. To better control this moment, you can hold your hands near the temples, and not behind your head.
  • Inhale and slowly return to the starting position. Shoulders at the bottom of the floor do not lower, the press is always in suspense.


  • Make the necessary number of repetitions (from 10 for beginners to 25-30 for advanced athletes). To perform the exercise must be literally “to the point of rejection.” Burning and numbness of the abdominal muscles is an indicator of your work. These feelings are typical for the training of the press, they should not be afraid.
  • Rest for a minute and follow another one or two approaches.

While in the gym, you can do this exercise using a horizontal bench. Here everything depends on your personal preferences.

Exercises for the press will be effective only in the case of regular and correct execution, as well as with a balanced diet.


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