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✅ The influence of gravity on our body

exercises Gravity
Exercises Gravity

✅ It’s gravity. Unlike animals, the effect of gravity on a on the straight line man has a more destructive effect. Gravity acts half a day across the body when the person is upright, and half a day along the body when he is sleeping.
Therefore, a person who has a disease, say, the respiratory system can feel good in a horizontal position and bad in the vertical.


Let’s talk about a set of exercises for the press called gravity
Gravity exercises are a set of exercises with increasing repetition performed from your maximum number.

✅ The press (ABdominal)– is a relatively small muscle group. For this reason, it can be trained almost anywhere: at home, on a sports ground, in the gym. There are a lot of exercises for this: from simple lifting of the legs in the hang, which everyone remembers from the physical education classes in the school, to technically complex isolated movements like twists from the upper block. Each exercise is slightly different in biomechanics and has its own specific implementation. It is possible to carry out both power weight and more multi-repetitive work aimed at the increased blood supply to the muscles of the press. All load options have a place to be in your training process.

For example, take the exercise “Prayer” (Kneeling Cable Crunch)


Kneeling Cable Crunch
Kneeling Cable Crunch


✅ Twisting from the top block with a rope handle (due to a specific pose, the exercise is also called “prayer” – Kneeling Cable Crunch) allow you to effectively work out the upper section of the press. The main thing is not to overdo the working weight and correctly round the spine, so that it is “twisted”, and not bent, then the contraction of the muscles of the press will be maximum.

Training “Gravitation” is when you make weights larger than your usual working weight, for this you need a partner for training which will help you to practice the exercise to the end.

✅ “What is the meaning of gravity?” – you ask. Gravitation incredibly affects the psychological factor, removes subconscious fear of weight and greatly affects the future maximum result. This is a psychological “shake” for the muscles and brain. This is a test of the connection between the muscles and the brain. If you correctly perform the technical gravity, then when working with a large weight (for a maximum, for example), the connection between the muscles and the brain will be much stronger and then there will not be a “loss of technique” or, as they say, panic.


Execiting Kneeling Cable Crunch

The meaning of gravity lies in the fact that the athlete performs one of the basic exercises with a weight greater than the maximum that you do. For example, if you have a Kneeling Cable Crunch with a weight of 50 kg, you bet 65 and you do more times 5 times than do a work weight , and the partner helps you perform the last 2-3 repetitions.

Gravitation is performed by 2 approaches 1 time.

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