🔥Tight weak adductors weakening your glutes

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🔥Tight weak adductors weakening your glutes

Tight weak adductors weakening your glutes
🔥 Tight weak adductors weakening your glutes

✅ The adductors are often neglected when training and can be proportionally weak compared to other musculature, this can cause them to become “tight” meaning shortened or have limited extensibility because of neural input. This means the muscle can lengthen but it isn’t allowed by brain or receptors because of weakens or potential for injury. The shortening of the adductors can eventually lead to glute weakness, glute max and med through reciprocal inhibition. One easy test to find if your adductors are shortened, is by going into a deep squat, if you feel tightens and pulling in the groin or front part of the leg going down and are unable to reach a point of static stability its most likely the case.


✅ One way to improve this problem is first to help the adductors elongate to a length where they allow for normal ROM and squat depth. This can be done by doing a simple stretches shown above, held for 30 sec of 3 sets. Another great stretch is the butterfly stretch, there are many more however to begin with its best to have as little contraction in the adductors. For example some stretches actually require the adductors to work to avoid injury; this can slow the effect of the stretch. Also remember you may need to train the extensibility of the adductors in different positions, since different positions fire up different muscles they can cause co-contraction of the adductors in those positions and you will not experience the same flexibility.

✅ After able to squat to a desire depth without tightness in the groin and hip it is time to strengthen the adductors, one great way of strengthening them is the adductor side plank this should be combined with 3 plane glute training in abduction, external rotation and extension. It is also helpful to add eccentric adductor training if you have the equipment or ability to do so.

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