💪How to Full Body Routine | Picture & Guide

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🔥 How to Full Body Routine👇

✅ Full Body Routine works amazing if you’re going to be in the gym just 2, or 3x per week! This routine is set up for 3 days a week and each day starts with one of the main compound lifts.


Full Body Routine
✅ Full Body Routine


🚨 Full body routines usually work amazing for beginners, but more advanced individuals are starting to utilize them as well (or at least full body days). Full body routines are becoming more and more popular because of the research thats shows a higher frequency may be ideal.

Being advanced I prefer a higher volume approach for each body part. The volume that I find necessary to progress at the moment would be very hard to achieve with a full body approach. I would be in the gym for forever lol (intensity would be lacking).


Antagonist Supersets
Antagonist Supersets


🚨 The rep range for this routine was set between 8 and 12 reps to focus more so on hypertrophy. I feel that it is better to work with higher reps and lock down your form before focusing on real heavy weights. I think a full body routine is best for beginners, but it can definitely have its place in everyone’s routine.

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