🚨 Tutorial Pull-Ups & BarBend | Guide


🔥聽Tutorial Pull-Ups & BarBend

✅聽In a study, researchers analyzed the EMG muscle activation between the chin-up and pull-up. They found that both had some levels of variance, but multiple similarities.

Tutorial Pull-Ups & BarBend
Tutorial Pull-Ups & BarBend

✅聽The four muscles highlighted to the right were suggested to have the highest EMG muscle activation in the pull-up & chin-up. Researchers noted that the lower trapezius was activated more in the pull-up, while the biceps brachii & pec major had higher activation in the chin-up.

🚨聽Check out the suggested muscle activation averages below.

✅聽Latissimus Dorsi: 117-130%
✅聽Biceps Brachii: 78-96%
✅聽Infraspinatus: 71-79%
✅聽Lower Trapezius: 45-56%
✅聽Pectoralis Major: 44-57%
✅聽Erector Spinae: 39-41%
✅聽External Oblique: 31-35%

How to Pull-Up
✅聽How to Pull-Up

👇聽Note: The biceps brachii is on the anterior portion of the arm, and the line is an indicator of where it sits on the arm.

Also, the infraspinatus is deeper and attached on the inferior portion of the scap, which isn’t completely shown in the right image (our line could be shifted slightly a bit more to the left)!

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