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✅ Having an upper chest workout as part of your upper body training is a good idea to train your pecs. One of the best exercises you can do is the Incline Bench Press.

✅ In this article, you will learn the correct Incline technique to build impressive chest muscles.



✅ Almost any type of bench press whether it’s incline, decline or flat, will work your chest shoulders and triceps. On the incline bench press, you will use a bit more of your shoulders and triceps than a flat bench press. This is because of the angle and the increased range of motion.


🚨 Even though all forms of bench press train the chest muscles, they don’t target them in the same way.

There are 2 chest muscles, the Pectoralis Major and the Pectoralis Minor. These are commonly referred to as the ‘Pecs’. The muscle we will be focusing on is the Pec Major, which is one of the largest muscles in the body.

Upper Chest | Best Exercises
Upper Chest | Best Exercises

🚨 Pectoralis Major: Upper and Lower Chest


The Pec Major consists of:
– Clavicular Head (Upper Chest)
– Sternal Head (Lower Chest)

The Clavicular Head originates at your clavicle (collarbone). The Sternocostal Head originates at your sternum.

While the upper chest is involved in flat presses to some degree, because of the direction of the muscle fibers, you have to train this muscle on an incline.

🚨 Flat vs Decline vs Incline Bench Press

Both are great exercises and use the same muscles but there’s a difference in their level of involvement.

The flat and decline bench primarily use the Sternocostal Head of the Pec Major (Lower Chest). This is because the angle at which the force is applied is in line with the muscle fibers of the lower chest.

The incline bench press uses the Clavicular Head (Upper Chest) because the muscle fibers of the upper chest are used to apply force in an incline position.


Th upper chest is also involved in the flexion of the humerus (upper arm), which helps you raise your arms up. In order to apply force in this direction, you have to be on an incline.

Upper Chest
Upper Chest

🚨Barbell Vs Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

Barbells and dumbbells both have their benefits and drawbacks.


✅ Incline Barbell Bench PressBenefits

  • Lift more weight overall
  • Easier to Setup
  • More Tricep Involvement

✅ Incline Dumbbell Bench Press Benefits

  • Trains adduction of the upper arm.
  • Trains the smaller stabilizer muscles.
  • Greater Range of motion

If your only goal is chest hypertrophy (muscle growth), dumbbells may be slightly better because of the increased range of motion and the added adduction function. That being said, as you get stronger, heavy dumbbells will be harder to get into position.

If you want to maximize strength and hypertrophy, your training program should have a combination of barbells and dumbbells.

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