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🚨 TOP Best Back Exercises 

🔥 The Benefits of Training Your Back

✅ If you spent most of your week — and, at that, your life — slumped over a desk and slapping a keyboard, your posture is likely to have taken a bit of a beating over the weeks, months and years you’ve been at work.

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Best Back Exercises 
Best Back Exercises

✅ Back workouts, handily, will help fix your posture, get rid of the desk-bound ‘hunch’ and will also encourage weaker muscles to grow, helping boost strength in other lifts you may not expect. A stronger bench press, anyone? Likewise, your shoulder joints will be more stable and considerably stronger.


🚨 Wide-grip barbell partial deadlift

✅ Equipment: Barbell

✅ Do it: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width distance. Grab onto a barbell using an overhand grip, keeping your arms at a 45-degree angle from the side of your body, with no bend in the elbows. Stand tall, squeezing the bar into your thighs and pulling your shoulder blades together—you should feel tension throughout the entire back side of your upper body. This is your starting position. Hinge at the hips, without letting the bar move away from your body, and lower the bar to just above the knee, counting to five each time. Slowly return to the starting position. Do six reps.

Wide-grip barbell partial deadlift
Wide-grip barbell partial deadlift

✅ Trainer tip: “Since we are looking to build our back and don’t want to be limited by grip strength, think about using a pair of wrist straps, which will allow you to load the bar up heavier,” says Zach Murray, MS, CSCS. “This goes for any exercise where your goal is to target your back.”


Build Wider Back
Build Wider Back

🚨 Pull-up

✅ Equipment: A bar

✅ Do it: Hang using an overhand grip, and then pull your shoulder blades down towards the floor—imagine moving your shoulders down and away from your ears. Continue until the bar is just below your chin, and hold that position for three seconds. Take a full five seconds to return to the hanging position. Do six reps.



✅ Trainer tip: “While using an overhand grip targets your back more—specifically the middle traps—using a neutral grip (with your hands facing each other) or an underhand grip may be more comfortable,” says Murray. “Try out one of these variations if you are new to pull-ups, or if going overhand bothers your wrists or elbows. Just remember that underhand is technically a chin-up.” (Those are good too, though. Don’t worry.)

Back Workout | Hand Position
Back Workout | Hand Position


🚨 Scap push-up

✅ Equipment: None (no excuses)

✅ Do it: Start in a high plank position. Without bending your elbows, slowly push your shoulder blades together, which will lower your body a few inches. Return to start position for one rep. Do 15 reps.

Scap push-up
Scap push-up

✅ Trainer tip: “Really focus on keeping your arms straight and just moving the shoulder blades together and apart,” says Silver-Fagan. “And most importantly, engage your core. It should be tight, so that you don’t start to arch your lower back.”

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