🔥How To Biceps Workout | 👇Guide & Tips

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🚨 Biceps Cable Curl

Biceps Cable Curl
How To Biceps Workout


✅ Here you can distinguish many variations – biceps curl from the lower block with a straight or rope handle, biceps curl with one hand alternately, in a crossover from the upper arms in a position with arms wide grip, etc. These exercises should “finish” the biceps at the end of the workout, doing them as technically as possible and in a large number of repetitions

There are a large number of other similar exercises for biceps: biceps curl with dumbbells in an incline bench, with a barbell when you’ lye front inclined bench, in various simulators, etc. They share a common feature – impressive biceps can be built without them workout. However, it’s worth trying these exercises in order to understand for yourself in which one you feel the biceps muscle of the shoulder better. Use them periodically to diversify your training process.

A variety of movements for biceps is an optional condition for muscle growth. The only reason for the transition from exercise to exercise is the psychological moment. If you are not bored with doing 15 sets of the same exercise, then it will fill your biceps well with blood


Biceps consists of two heads – short and long. We knew this, and each of them we will pay special attention. So we need pump them to the limit.

Grip biceps variation

With a wide grip, the load is more concentrated on the short biceps head. A narrow grip involves a long head. Always alternate grip width.

Biceps pumping power

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The greatest tension in the lifting of the bar biceps gets in the region of 80-100 degrees from the elbow. Keep this in mind and try to concentrate in order to go through this range, maximizing your biceps.

Biceps Technique

Do not let your elbows rise. To do this, try to keep them closer to the waist. Don’t let your shoulders get involved. You train your biceps, right?

Biceps Workout | Muscle Tone
Biceps Workout | Muscle Tone


Stance while doing biceps exercises

Do not take your shoulders forward, but try the other way around – to bring the shoulder blades together a little. Keep your abdominal muscles tense.

We exclude the swinging of the barbell or dumbbell

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Raise and lower the bar smoothly, without jerking or unnecessary movements. This will help to maximize the load on the biceps, thereby creating a more stressful situation for him and, accordingly, giving more stimulus for growth.


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📌Alternation biceps method

Change the number of replays in the set every week. For example, do 5-7 repetitions the first week, and the second week train the biceps muscles in the range of 10-20.

✅ Here’s a biceps training option:
  • Lifting the bar for biceps – 3-5 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Rest – 60 seconds.
  • Lifting dumbbells with a grip “hammer” – 3-10 sets of 20 repetitions.
  • Rest – 60 seconds.
  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps on an inclined bench – 3-7 sets of 14 repetitions.
  • Rest – 60 seconds.
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