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🔥 Training of the biceps

As for the bicep, for its maximum hypertrophy, it is advisable to use alternating hand flexions from two basic positions: when the shoulder is in line with the body and when the shoulder is bent backward relative to the body. Let me explain why: the alternate flexures give a more clear mental control over the muscle being developed and allow 100% to concentrate on working out the biceps on both sides. Changing the position of the shoulder relative to the body ensures the shift of the accent from the short head of the biceps (shoulders are pressed to the body) to the long one (the shoulder is bent back). It is important to understand, in each variant, all muscles are reduced, entirely, only the degree of involvement of muscle beams in motion.

🔥Training of the biceps🔥
🔥Training of the biceps🔥

Standing Barbell Curls 👇

  • The initial standing position, the best option, with your back and elbows pressed against the fixed support, which excludes the swinging movements of the body. Forearms are supine, in the hands of dumbbells. The forearm is located in a line with the wrist.
  • The arm is bent at the elbow joint to an angle of 100 degrees, that is, not to the end (ideally, you should bend your hand until you feel the maximum tension in the bicep). If you bring a dumbbell to the shoulder joint, you, therefore, remove some of the load from the working muscle, and lose a bit of efficiency of movement.
Standing Barbell Curls
Standing Barbell Curls

😈 Skull Crushers

Skull Crushers
Skull Crushers

Technique of execution Skull Crushers

  1. There are several Skull Crushers techniques on an incline bench. Each technique has a beneficial effect on the long triceps head, medial head and lateral head. And also on the triceps tendon. To triceps has been worked out as high as possible, you need to put the bar behind your head. The hands are located above the head so that other triceps heads are involved in the work.
  2. To perform a Skull Crushers, it is best to take a small weight. If the weight is too large, this will not affect the effectiveness of the technique. During the exercise, it is very important to fix the shoulders and perform movements only with the help of elbows. In order to perform the exercise the traditional way, it is necessary to lie horizontally. The hands take the bar with the upper grip.
  • hands straighten;
  • the bar rises from itself;
  • hands are diverted 45 ° in the direction of the head;
  • arms bend and the bar is lowered behind the head;
  • elbows unbent;
  • the bar returns to its original position.
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