Best Exercises to Strengthen your Back Muscles

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Back Exercises to Strengthen Muscles

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Back Strengthen Muscles


Speaking of strengthening the muscles of the back, we mean their regeneration, toning and providing the basis for further training. This issue is very relevant, especially in our time, when people’s physical activity is minimized and the muscles are not so developed that diseases of the musculoskeletal system and a number of other negative manifestations are common – back pain, spasms, sprains, etc.

Meanwhile, there are a number of simple exercises for various areas of the back, aimed primarily at strengthening her muscles. These are the exercises we will analyze today.

The best exercises to strengthen the upper, middle and lower back

Before presenting a list of exercises, we will divide them into 3 groups, each of which is aimed at strengthening a specific area of ​​the back. This classification is not generally accepted from a scientific point of view, but it will be most understandable to readers.

The best exercises to strengthen the upper back muscles

  1. Pull-ups – is one of the main exercises for the pump of back muscles.
  2. Lat Pulldown (to chest) – this exercise is an excellent alternative to pull-ups.
  3. Incline Bench Barbell Row – this exercise is aimed at the development of the trapezius muscles.
  4. Shrugs with dumbbells – this exercise accurately loads the trapeze.

The best exercises to strengthen the middle of the back muscle


Incline Dumbbell Row – this exercise is one of the main basic in training the muscles of the middle back.
Low Row / Pulldown – this exercise should be performed with the elbows apart, as this technique will shift the load on the top of the latissimus, the middle of the trapezius and the rhomboid muscles of the back.
Crossover – this exercise works out the muscles of the middle back in isolation.

The best exercises to strengthen the lower back muscles

Good Morning – this exercise is a good basic movement for the development of the muscles of the lower back.
Hyperextension – this exercise perfectly loads the lower back and helps relieve pain in this area.

Sample training programs

Exemplary training complexes for each area of ​​the back.

Program # 1 – Strengthen the upper back
Exercise Repetition Approaches
Pull-ups 3 6-8
Incline Bench Barbell Row 3 12
Shrugs 3 12-15



Program # 2 – Strengthen the middle back
Exercise Repetition Approaches
Incline Dumbbell Row 3 10-12
Low Row / Pulldown 3 12
Crossover 3 12-15


Program # 3 – Strengthen the lower back
Exercise Repetition Approaches
Good Morning 3 10-12
Low Row / Pulldown 3 12
Hyperextension 3 15
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