Muscle Releases for Your Arm Day

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Muscle Releases for Your Arm Day

Muscle Releases for Your Arm Day
Muscle Releases for Your Arm Day

You can not use your muscles in full when it comes to exercises, our muscles are often “densely or lengthened” because of everyday life or repetitive motions. This is due to the increased transmission of signals to the muscles at rest. We have what is known as HRMT (a human relaxing muscle tone), which is a tonic of the muscle at rest. When this level is higher than usual, we can not fully engage the muscles. This can be temporarily improved through muscle secretions. This will reduce HRMT in the muscles, which will allow a better reduction.


The way it happens is the stimulation of the GTO (the organ of the golgi tendon), this organ is located in the tendon of the muscles and when stimulated by increasing tension (for example, from a foam roller, lacrosse ball, tennis ball) will cause muscles to relax through the braking of motor neurons.

As for the hand, try this a few days before the next day of the hand. Using a tennis ball, lacrosse balloon or your hand to exert pressure on the muscle in the above places, and then continue the repetition of flexion and stretching for 20-30 seconds 2-3 times. You should feel slight discomfort, not pain. Your biceps and triceps should feel free after that


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