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🚨Kneeling Pulldowns Proper Form ✅


Kneeling Pulldowns Proper Form
🎯 Kneeling Pulldowns Proper Form

✅ Technique of execution Kneeling Pulldowns 👇

  • To perform the exercise you will need a crossover, hang up the soft D-grip, kneel, grip your hands, the back is straight, this is the starting position;
  • With both hands, simultaneously pull up both D-grip so that the elbows touch the oblique abdominal muscles;
  • Do the desired number of repetitions namely 4 approaches in which there will be 12-11-10 repetitions
🚨Kneeling Pulldowns Proper Form🚨
Kneeling Pulldowns Proper Form

This exercise is ideal for working out the bottom of the broadest muscles, since the exercise is considered isolated, the weight here does not play an important role, choose such a weight in order not to violate the technique

🚨Kneeling Pulldowns Proper Form🚨
Kneeling Pulldowns Proper Form
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