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Features of flexions on the biceps and brachialis!

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Flexion is a popular exercise for the biceps, similar in its mechanics with the ascent to the Scott bench. Only in contrast to the latter it represents the bending of arms stretched vertically down, lying on the sloping bench by the body. The position of the elbows is fixed at the same time.

Muscle work

First of all, the flexion is aimed at an isolated elaboration of the biceps muscle of the shoulder or biceps. Accordingly, this muscle receives the main load. In synergy with the biceps, flexion of the arm at the elbow is performed by brachialysis (shoulder muscle). The static load is transferred to the muscles of the stabilizers. In this case it is the front shoulders.

Plus the exercise is that it eliminates the burden on the back and legs. This makes it more effective in terms of training hands. However, in this lies the minus of flexion. The increase in weight and number of repetitions will be rather slow. But any increase in the load will indicate progress in the development of target muscles and is an indubitable cause for pride.

The choice of weight

In order to pump the muscles of the hands with the help of flexion, you need to choose such a burden, with which you can cleanly perform at least 10 repetitions in three approaches. Biceps, and even more so brachialis, small muscles and when working with heavy weights the muscle fatigue comes quickly. In this exercise, the refusal should come on a 14-15 repetition.

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It is optimal for beginners to start with 10 kg and gradually increase their weight. If you started training just recently, do not start with a too heavy barbell. Remember that the main thing is not weight, but the correct technique of execution.

Perform the exercise 2-3 times a week, doing 10-15 reps. After a short rest, repeat the series of flexions 1-2 times more.


To perform the bending of the hands you will need a bar and a regular inclined bench. Also suitable Scott bench, the ideal option will be a special bench for flexions, which is adapted for this exercise.

Choose the optimal level of tilt (usually 45 °) and lie down on the bench with your stomach down. Fix the position of the legs. Put your hands on the vertical straight side of the bench and take the bar by a narrow grip, that is, a bit narrower than the shoulders. This is the starting position.

  1. On exhalation, with a quick but controlled movement, bend your arms in the elbows until you feel the maximum contraction of the biceps. Hold in this place for 1 second.
  2. On the exhalation slowly, on several accounts, lower your hands down, almost completely unbending your elbows and returning to the starting position. A large amplitude of motion causes the target muscles to contract more actively and stretch.
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