How To: Front Squat (Barbell) | The Squat on the Chest

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Performing a front squat or squats with a barbell on the chest!

How To: Front Squat (Barbell)


The frontal squat has long been one of the elements of the training of athletes for the power push of the bar. When there was no bodybuilding yet, and the emphasis of training was on strength, it was this squat that was the main option for leg training.

What kind of squat are these?

Everyone knows what squat with the barbell: put weight on his shoulders and went to squat. This is the base. It allows you to pump the entire body. Mostly the legs work (the main emphasis is on quadriceps, the gluteus and hamstrings are also loaded), and the remaining muscles participate in stabilizing the position of the body at each moment of the exercise.

Frontal squats – in this regard can also be called a base, but more specific. Today it is considered that in bodybuilding this is an additional exercise. And this is the correct opinion:

How To: Front Squat (Barbell)


  1. Frontal squats can and should be performed in a deep version (that is, when the hips at the bottom point lie on the calves). In this case, the buttocks are maximally used.
  2. Less stress on the back, as you hold it straight.
  3. In basic exercises, weights are always greater than in extra exercises. Squatting with a barbell on the chest allows you to lift less weight than with a barbell on the back (it is estimated that 85% of the base weight).

Therefore, front squats should be performed as a supplement to the basic version.

How can I squat

Here everything depends on your body and the fitness of the gym:

  • With the barbell;
  • In the Smith;
  • With dumbbells or weights.

What you need to know before you start squat

Before any sit-ups, you need to pay attention to a few points:

  • Your stretching;
  • Footwear;
  • Clothes;
  • Health of the back and joints of the legs.

Technique Front Squat

Technique Front Squat
Technique Front Squat


There are 2 variants of setting the foot: wide and close, we recommend to stay on the width of the shoulders. Do not forget to stretch your legs well and warm up the joints. It is very important that you have a mirror in front of you. You must see yourself, then you will notice all your mistakes. The mirror on the side is a bad option. You have to turn your head. When you do sit-ups with a barbell on your chest – you can not be distracted. The technique itself is very complicated, so carefully study it before starting the exercise.

  1. You put the bar so that when take off it you do not have to stand on your toes. The ideal option is the one where you little bit squat to take off bar.
  2. Usually the bar racks are in the power frame. We recommend setting the safety bars at a level just above your lowest point at deep squatting. If you squat in proud solitude, such insurance will help you out.
  3. Therefore, we hang the barbell inside the frame. How to stand inside the frame you are – no difference. Just keep in mind that after take up the barbell it is more convenient to take a step forward, and not backwards to start the exercise.
  4. Stand next to the barbell so that the bar is in front. Move to him so that he lies on your shoulders in the area of the delta transition into the trapezius muscle.
  5. Bend your arms in the elbows and palms facing up, fix the barbell at this point. Elbows try to up.
  6. We draw your attention to the fact that the arms are on the width of the shoulders. Torso elevate the neck and move a small step away from the frame. If the barbell keeps firmly on you – everything is in order. If not, experiment. Someone is crossing his arms, someone is holding on exactly as we advise. Each is taken as it is more convenient for him. The main thing is that the bar does not roll down and does not press on the joints.
  7. Do not forget about the posture: the pelvis back, the back is straight. You do not need to tilt your head down and it up. We look directly. The head is the continuation of your back. And we keep our backs straight. Squatting with a barbell on the chest always requires proper posture.
  8. Straightened, we start to go down. All the time we control that the pelvis was laid back – this is the main condition for the absence of lumbar injuries. We go down smoothly and slowly (1.5-2 seconds) to the very bottom. If you put insurance, make sure that the bar does not bump against it.
  9. On exhalation, rise from the bottom point. We are repelled by the heels from the floor, the movement is rapid, strong. Your task is to go slower, to rise faster. Breathe – we down, exhale – we return to the starting position.
  10. Repeat the exercise the right number of times. The right technique is the maximum result.
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