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How to Make Biceps Peak | Exercise Videos & Guides

Today We'r make Huge Biceps Peak Biceps - is one of those muscle groups, the development of which athletes in bodybuilding pay the most attention....

How to Wide Dumbbell Curls Proper Form

Biceps is a small muscle - that is responsible for flexion, extensor and rotating functions. It consists of several parts - the external and...

Upper Body Training & Superset Biceps Blast

Features of flexions on the biceps and brachialis! Flexion is a popular exercise for the biceps, similar in its mechanics with the ascent to the...

Workout on Your Biceps & Dumbbell lifts

✅ Concentrated dumbbell lifts - pump biceps ✅ Concentrated lifting on the biceps is a classic exercise for the muscles of the hands. This insulating movement allows...

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Adele Weight Loss Story, Proof in Photo, Singer’s Transformation

Adele Weight Loss Story, Photo Singer’s Transformation  The popularity of the singer Adele is increasing every day, and when Adele weight loss, it caused even...