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✅ Concentrated dumbbell lifts – pump biceps

workout on your biceps
🚨Lifts – pump biceps

✅ Concentrated lifting on the biceps is a classic exercise for the muscles of the hands. This insulating movement allows you to make the hands bulky, embossed and strong. An important condition for effective training is the presence of some mass of the biceps. That is, the exercise will be most useful for athletes with training experience.

What does the exercise do?

💯 First of all it is necessary to understand what the purpose of this exercise is and what muscles maximally involve concentrated hand flexions.

  • The bicep – this is the target muscle, which accomplishes almost all the work to raise the dumbbell. Isolated load contributes to the formation of a volumetric peak of the biceps, both heads are worked out at once.
  • Shoulder or brachialysis.
  • Bronchial muscle or brachioradialysis.

Thus, the exercise develops the biceps and forearm. In the case where the athlete’s goal is a comprehensive training of hands, and not only the development of the biceps muscle, it must be supplemented with other exercises. Such training will make the body harmonious and beautiful.

Concentrated hand bending is recommended for athletes with an average level of preparedness and higher. It is best to do it at the end of the training of hands. In other words, you first have to warm up, and then perform, for example, lifting dumbbells or barbell biceps, and then you can start flexing.

It is recommended to do 3-4 approaches from 8-12 repetitions. When choosing the optimal weight, be guided by your level of physical fitness. It is better for beginners to use dumbbells in weight from 5-10 kg. In the future, you can gradually increase weight. In any case, the weight that you use for isolating exercises should be lower than for the base exercises.

Dumbbell lifts
Dumbbell lifts



Scheme of execution
How correctly to execute the concentrated bendings on a biceps sitting? First, you need to take a starting position. To do this, take a dumbbell and sit with your legs wide apart. A little lean forward, while maintaining a direct position of the spine.

Loose your free hand in the elbow and place your palm on the knee or thigh of the same foot. Hand with a dumbbell, lower down, slightly bend and lean the triceps (above the elbow) into the inside of the thigh of the other leg. If you did everything right, then the elbow would be just below the hip. Your position should be stable and comfortable. Keep the dumbbell neutral grip – the palm is directed to the center line of the body. Now you can start the exercise.


  1. On exhalation smoothly bend the working arm in the elbow joint until you feel a complete contraction of the biceps. Fix this position, maximally strain the muscles and pause for 1-2 respiratory cycles.
  2. Inhale and slowly lower your arm, controlling the muscles. Return to the starting position. Until the end of the elbow does not unbend and do not drop weight sharply down.
  3. Make the necessary number of repetitions, rest for 1 minute and proceed to the next approach.

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