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🚨Zottman Curls Proper Form 🚨

🎯Target Muscles: Biceps, Forearms

🚨Zottman Curls Proper Form 🚨
🚨Zottman Curls Proper Form 🚨

Curls of Zottmann – is an exercise with dumbbells for biceps and forearms, invented in the XIX century by strongman from Philadelphia George Sottman. For this reason, it is often ranked as a rarity and is not used very often. And in vain, because this is a great exercise, especially for the development of forearm arms and grip. Let’s analyze it in detail.

🚨Zottman Curls Proper Form 🚨
🚨Zottman Curls Proper Form 🚨

Technique of execution
The exercise is performed as follows:

  1. The starting position is standing. Stand upright, the back is even, legs are shoulder-width apart, the torso is in static tension. Legs can be slightly bent at the knees for convenience. Take dumbbells with a back grip (palm from yourself) or neutral (palms to each other), if you want to add a supination (rotation) of the brush.
  2. Take a breath, then, on exhalation, lift the dumbbells to the top point, as in the usual lifting of dumbbells to the biceps, bending arms in the elbows. At the moment of lifting, do the supination mentioned above, if you initially took dumbbells with a neutral grip. At the top, feeling the contraction of the bicep, stay for a couple of seconds.
  3. At this time, turn the wrist 180 °, so that in the end keep the dumbbell is not the reverse, but a direct grip.
  4. Slowly return the dumbbell down. After reaching the bottom point, turn your wrist to return to the opposite or neutral grip. The elbows at the bottom point remain slightly bent. Do the scheduled number of repetitions.
🚨Zottman Curls Proper Form 🚨
🚨Zottman Curls Proper Form 🚨
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