Test Your Hip Mobility and Core Stability

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🎯 Test Your Hip Mobility and Core Stability

Test Your Hip Mobility and Core Stability
🎯 Test Your Hip Mobility and Core Stability

✅This mobility drill is a great way to test how stable your core is and how mobile your hips are. C.A.R’s (controlled articular rotations) are specific movements done at a joint while isolating it from the rest of the body. These movements also require a high degree of motor control, because of these requirements you can potentially see If you lack one of the 3.

✅The exercise is performed by getting into a quadruped position knees under the pelvis and wrists under the shoulder. Begin by stabilizing your core, then extending one leg up as high as you can while maintaining a neutral spine you should look like the person in step 2 at this point. After begin to externally rotate the hip bringing your foot towards the other, you should end up like position 3. From there begin to flex the leg towards the line of the hips as shown in picture 4. Lastly adduct the leg to come back to the same position as 1.

✅There are few things you may notice, one you can figure out how to move the leg in the directions or you cannot disassociate your back from the hip. Meaning your lumbar does not remain steady and moves along with the hip slightly. Two, you may notice your hip just locks up in one or more of the movements but your spine remains neutral this means you may lack hip mobility. Three your spine moves along with the hip the no matter the degree of motion, this means your core is not able to stabilize your pelvis.

✅Depending on which of these happened you may want to work on your hip motor control by performing these more. Strengthening your core musculature more or adding more hip mobility drills. Remember if you lack hip mobility you will compensate with lumbar mobility leading to instability there.

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